With KOBALT museale services & real estate styling, Karin van den Berg brings together 30 years of work experience in the museum and cultural field with a passion for interior styling and architecture.

"What always fascinates me is the creative design process. Shaping in general and shaping of interiors (styling) in particular. From interiors and museum presentations to the design and shaping of models and publications. It is always challenging to look for a suitable solution for a wide variety of projects. Shape in every scale! '

Karin van den Berg graduated from the Reinwardt Academy, HBO for museum staff, studied history and archeology and has been active since April 2017 as LNV certified real estate stylist and member of the National Network Sales Style.
The LNV Training Center Real Estate Style and Home Presentation, with the European Qfor Quality Label, guarantees professionalism and quality.

KOBALT museale services specializes in maquettes, museum presentations, publications and project management for museums, governments and individuals.
KOBALT Real Estate Styling focuses on property owners and property brokers with various services. The offer of real estate styling is specifically intended for the best possible sale of homes or other real estate, so as to promote fast sales for the best achievable price.

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