Huygens' Hofwijck Book wins Ithaka Award


The Huygens' Hofwijck book designed by same-d has won the Ithaka Award for the most fascinating story and beautifully designed book. This year the Ithaka committee awarded two prizes, one for the book with the most scientifically profound study and one for the most fascinating story and beautiful design.

Kees van de Leer, an expert in the history of Voorburg and Henk Boers horticulturist at Huygens' Hofwijck and Muiderslot announced in their acceptance speech that the prize will also pertain to the English-language edition of the book.

The Ithaka Award is an initiative of the SKBL, the Foundation for Castles, Estates and Rural Places. The foundation contributes extensively to the preservation of castles, historic houses and estates in the Netherlands.


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