Foundation Heritage Princess Marianne

Heritage Princess Marianne


At the end of November 2020 'Foundation Heritage Princess Marianne' was founded. The aim of the foundation is to collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge about her life, her heritage and its international significance. Through new discoveries from the illustrious past of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands (1810-1883), more knowledge can be added to what we already know of her impressive and successful life in which serious setbacks were not lacking.

same-d designed logo and corporate identity. The original monogram of Princess Marianne was used for the logo. The blindpreeg in the monogram on letterhead and business cards gives the corporate identity extra cachet.

In addition to applications on correspondence printed matter, the most important expression is the website that can provide interested parties with information about the life of Princess Marianne. The website will come online at the beginning of 2021 and will be completed in steps.

Heritage Princess Marianne

Marianne is not only a businesswoman and benefactress but also turns out to be a builder, composer and art collector. Marianne's life story will be depicted as the princess who became the black sheep of Orange in court circles, preferring to remain silent, but who was actually way ahead of her time.
A new biography about the princess is on the horizon. Another plan still to be worked out is to make a multilingual TV documentary. 

Heritage Princess Marianne
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