De Vliet as a connection


Museum Swaensteyn and Huygens' Hofwijck organize a joint exhibition from 8 September to 2 December with the theme The Golden Age of the Vliet. Exhibition, presentation system, photography and a book have been realized by same-d for this project; a connection between our different disciplines.
De Vliet is one of the oldest and most crowded bargees in South-Holland.
A 7.5-meter-long map of Coenraet Oelensz from 1556 is shown earlier. same-d designed the tables with display cabinets that can also be used for other exhibitions. The table with base looks like a robust execution of a worktop on trestles. The blade is equipped with a grid of small holes that can be used to fix the display cabinet in the corners with special pins to the blade.
Banners and information panels provide information about the history of the Vliet.



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