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Brochure Bleuland van Oordt


same-d has designed the brochure on the occasion of the retrospective about Adriana and Johanna Bleuland van Oordt. Museum Swaensteyn has dedicated the exhibition to the two special artists because of their creative talents, but also because the two sisters committed themselves to women's suffrage and animal welfare.
Around 1900 they made many paintings, pastel drawings and sculptures. They did this from their studio on the Voorburg country estate Middendorp.

More informatie: Museum Swaensteyn

This brochure is the first in the series of brochures about local artists.

Blueland van Oordt
Blueland van Oordt
Blueland van Oordt
+31(0)70 3000 878
Voorburg, NL
Johannesburg, SA

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